Sunday, September 14, 2008

chick sucks. (i toned it down, cause bush is actually way worse)

the truth about sarah palin.


rip odb said...

i'm okay with her as far as hunting goes, hunting is fine whatever bla bla bla...the wolf bounty thing is alright i guess if you look into it because the reason is to control the moose and caribou populations so that native tribes can continue their traditional subsistence practices without wiping out the entire species. it's not like they allow it all year, i'm pretty sure it's restricted to certain seasons and they only intend to kill off certain amounts of wolves.

and the creationism thing isn't EXPLICITLY creationism, she wants both to be taught fairly, and not even that creationism HAS to be taught, just that it should be allowed if it ever comes up in the classroom rather than be ignored completely.

i mean she's from alaska, people are different there, they live in the wilderness and don't have all the organic, politically correct, well-roundedness(?) of the rest of metropolitan american areas. of course if you're going to be running for a position where you represent an entire country, rather than one state, you should be a little more..adjusted and open-minded, but then again so should the people judging her as being an anti-wildlife bible thumper.

her abortion views are ridic though for sure, i'm in no way backing palin at all but saying shes worse than bush? pffttt..all the websites linked on that page are far radical too, wheres the balance?

i should also add i know nothing of politics but i know bold statements when i see them, and that this comment was entirely too long for a skateblog

rip odb said...

oh and this statement:

"The majority of people who visit Alaska do not support sport hunting and the destruction of wildlife. Most tourists come to Alaska to view wildlife, not to slaughter it. "

who gives a shit about people who VISIT alaska??? why should they be given any priority over the people who actually live there? i'm pretty sure if i lived in alaska all year in complete rural wilderness the last thing on my mind would be what toursists want