Friday, September 5, 2008

never forget van wastell

just earlier today i was thinking about van. i was out skating and trying to do a backside flip off some little launcher. of course, i suck and couldnt do it. but while trying i remembered how easily van could do backside flips. i saw him stomp one down at the lincoln stairs. it was pretty much text book. not robot text book, but more like awesome text book. van had it like that. looked all easy. later on i got a text informing me that van had passed away.
my heart goes out to the wastell's and all those close to him.

van, thanks for having my back. meant alot to me. i will miss you.


Tommy C said...

Our thoughts go out to Van's family. RIP mate. We just lost an amazing shredder.

Mups said...

rest in peace van
i tear up writing this
god bless and you will live on in each and every one of us