Thursday, November 20, 2008


new contest!
fill in the blanks with your own. (use comment dealy)
winner gets an email virus.
let the race begin.


el Mustache said...

strubing: Woah all made possible by my silo boxers.

dan: Hey their neighbor!

Isaac said...

Strubbing: Whoa, this ledge is sticky!

Drehobl: Yo, I haven't waxed it yet!

itsryans said...

Strubbing: hey didnt crailtap just have a caption contest?

Drehobl:shhh dont tell kyle

Tommy C said...

Strubing:'s in the bag!

corpsy drehobl: buenos diddely ding dong dias senior Strubing!

smorales said...

S: Do I smell the shit or is that just my skating?

D: Hey stop peaking, that's private!

Slightly Chilled said...

Strubbing: This better make it on Berra's site...

Drehobl: Yeah Right! You better settle for Camarillo's before we demote you to Crailtap.