Sunday, February 24, 2008

pearl used to skate

yea you heard me.
and if you have a problem with that (just like i do).
then tell him.

what we will be losing:

oh yea, and lets get some comments going.
leave a comment about pearl and how you want to kick his teeth in for not skating anymore.


...... said...

I got a comment for pearl. Hey you little bastard remember when you were the best dude that ever came by skateworks, how stoked you were on skating, how you always smacked your head and still shredded with a helmet. Damn son that shit was tight. Now it seems like you can hardley talk sometimes. Whatever man do what your going to do just don't throw away what has been given to you. Shit sucks on the other side buddy, fuck a day job. Stay up player you gots some good peeps backing you.

gnarcal said...

yo, pearl ... skate.
you're a legend.
green eggs!